About BeachNecessities.com

As someone who grew up near the ocean, the beach has always been where I go to have fun and chillax.  After my first trip to Hawaii, Oahu, in 11/16, where I blew out my flip flops getting off the plane and found a great new pair along with a cooler to keep our beer cold while watching surfing on North Shorethat prompted me to launch an online store with a beach and ocean focus in 6/17.

BeachNecessities.com is an eCommerce and beach community / content site that forges the online shopping experience for the $15B+ US beach goods market with a focus on sustainability, both in the products we carry as well as protecting the health of beaches, the ocean, lakes, rivers and streams, as well as the human race, given the adverse impacts from climate change, overfishing / illegal aquatic wildlife trade and plastic pollution.  It's what we like to refer to as effective altruism.  While many people equate the beach with the ocean, for others this could be a favorite lake, pond, river or stream so we define beach as any place you can dig your toes in some sand, go for a swim and just enjoy yourself.

As Blue Economy proponents, we also include lakes, ponds, rivers and streams as all are blue, generate economic value and are under duress, it's our intention to ensure that the beaches, ocean, lakes, ponds, rivers and streams where our products are used will be there for future generations to enjoy. To enable this, we are a member of 1% for the Planet, 1% For the Planet Member, founded by Yvon Chouinard of Patagonia, who in Aug22 restructured Patagonia to ensure the bulk of the profits going forward are used to address climate change, which commits us to investing 1%+ of our annual revenues in aquatic, marine and freshwater, conservation, education and science organizations.

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As water covers ~71% of the earth's surface, learning more about this magnificent resource and how we can sustain it, given it sustains us, makes sense, especially as global population growth continues.  And that population growth combined with the effects of climate change, overfishing and plastic pollution is already stressing the world's beaches, ocean, lakes, ponds, rivers and streams.  Lewis Pugh, UN Patron of the Ocean, is doing everything he can, and then some, to raise awareness of the issues facing the ocean, waterways and humankind.

We fundamentally believe what's good for business and what's good for society are not mutually exclusive.  Our belief is that given the choice, the vast majority of people prefer to do business with companies that exceed their expectations and minimize their impact on our natural environment so our goal is to establish that as a guiding principle from the start.

While we won't always be able to exceed expectations, establishing that as our goal will ensure we do that more often than not and that behavior will reinforce itself benefiting the beaches, ocean, lakes, ponds, rivers and streams we all care about.

If you care to share your thoughts or any constructive feedback,
please email beaches@BeachNecessities.com.