by Bill Davis

Welcome to! 

As is mentioned under About, I decided to start this adventure to provide products to people who enjoy going to the beach.  As an avid beach lover and someone who gets to the shore as frequently as possible, I'd like to think I have a pretty good idea of what people need / want when they spend a day at the beach.  That being said, I am sure there plenty of people who have some great products and ideas that we aren't covering so any and all suggestions are welcome and please feel free to send them to

Another component to this is we like to think of ourselves as caretakers of the beach so in that regard our hope is if we can provide people products they want at attractive prices and also work to protect the beaches where these products get used, that will differentiate us from 98%+ of companies selling comparable products.  While our hope is we can sell unique products that can't be found aggregated anywhere else, we also think people would rather buy from companies that truly have a passion for what they do so this launch is putting that theory into practice.  

Thanks, looking forward to starting this journey and in that spirit I will share this quote that I came across and like:

"Change starts with imagination."

Everyone enjoy the summer at their favorite beach(es) and please feel free to tell your friends if you like what we're doing here at  Thanks.