Beautiful Day

by Bill Davis

To quote U2, "It's a Beautiful Day" today!  As I would hope most people are now familiar with, earlier today it was announced that Joe Biden was elected as the 46th US President.  This bodes well for the ocean as under the current administration the focus was solely on the short term economic uses of the ocean as opposed to how critical the ocean is for the well being of the human race.  

Policy will start to shift as Biden takes office and this happily coincides with 2021 - 2030 being the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.  We have been stressing the hell out of the ocean for much of the last century on a variety of fronts including climate change, overfishing, plastic pollution, etc.  As such, we, both the US and the world, have much work to do to course correct and luckily this will start much sooner here in the US than if the current administration had been provided another term.

And for just about every person who thinks today is a beautiful day, there are almost as many people who are disappointed.  On that note, we'd like to offer that the health and well being of the ocean is NOT just a Democratic or Republican issue, it is one that requires bipartisanship so over the coming months and years let's put aside our differences and focus on the health of the ocean as that will improve the human condition both here in the US and around the world.