Climate Change Causes an Acceleration in Sea Level Rise

by Bill Davis

Earlier this week Newsweek published an article, "Climate Change Causes Sea Level Rise to Accelerate 50% in Past 20 Years" so thought this was worth sharing with folks given the impact to the coastal beaches here in the US.  The supporting data comes from a fairly technical article in Nature Climate Change entitled "The increasing rate of global mean sea-level rise during 1993 - 2014", and highlights that the melting of the Greenland ice sheet is contributing more to the increase in sea rise than expected. 

According to the article, here in the US the impact seems most pronounced on the east coast, especially in North Carolina and Virginia.  As the east coast is currently the most densely populated coastal area in the US, the long term impact here can be significant if it goes unmitigated.  Here's an article summarizing some of the potential issues that can emerge.

While in the US we have taken a fairly big step backwards recently in many peoples' opinions by withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement, this might be the catalyst necessary to shine a brighter spotlight on this issue.  While the science is not 100% accurate, over time there has been a general acceptance that climate change is both real and accelerating.  While everyone needs to make up their own mind on this subject, is in the camp that the issue is real and one we need to be actively involved in helping find solutions for to protect our beaches and beach communities.