Food on the Coast

by Bill Davis

As the weather cools and we still trek to the coast, indoor activities become more of a priority and what better way to spend indoor time at the coast than eating?  Fresh from Coastal Living are their recommendations for the 5 hottest food cities on the coast.  Plus here is their list of the best food trucks on the coast and here is their list of beach foods by state.  Like we really need more reasons to go to the coast, but we'll take any excuse we can get.

My earliest memories of food on the coast started as a kid in the summertime at Calabash in North Carolina.  We made at least two annual trips to Beck's and the all you could eat fried shrimp and hush puppies were enough to make any 12 year old happy.  In my late high school and college years Calabash was replaced by the Beachcomber on the Cape Cod National Seashore.  And once the Cape got too crowded we started heading to Maine so Ken's Place became the go to seafood shack.  While Ken's is still a favorite, now that I am on the west coast a new find is the Pelican Brewing Company in Pacific City, OR as it's my left coast version of The Beachcomber.

Now I know I am leaving lots of great places out and that's simply because I have a great deal more of the coast to visit, and ignorance, but just want to highlight a few more places such as Portland, ME, Charleston, SC, Miami, FL, N'awlins, Texas, California and Seattle, WA as having tremendous seafood.  And if you feel your city / town was unnecessarily overlooked, please feel free to reach out and pass along your recommendations.