High Seas

by Bill Davis

Early this morning I received an email from a sporting goods supplier in Pakistan suggesting I check out their wares which I got around to doing this afternoon.  In particular I was looking at their soccer balls and not being overly familiar with a sala ball I Googled "sala" and those results prompted this blog post.  

In the results was a link to a TED Talk from Dr. Enric Sala who is a National Geographic explorer in residence and someone that until a few hours ago I was not familiar with.  Luckily that has changed and just want to briefly summarize his TED Talk around the high seas and his Pristine Seas initiative.

Clearly we at BeachNecessities.com are predisposed towards ocean conservation running a beach products website, but I also believe that if we were able to ask every person on the planet the majority would agree we can and need to do more in terms of protecting the ocean and it's species.  

Using the high seas definition, waters beyond 200 nautical miles of a coast, there is no clear ownership so fishing countries / states really haven't been monitored, until recently.  This truly is a tragedy of the commons where a global, life sustaining resource is being depleted because individual countries are acting in their own self interest without taking into account the impact on all countries.

While there is no easy solution, Dr. Sala in his talk presents one that aligns with the efforts made in September 2018 to bring countries together through the United Nations to start devising a solution.  The challenge in front of us as Dr. Sala so eloquently states at the end of his TED Talk, "if twenty years from now, our children were to jump into any random spot in the ocean, what would they see?  A barren landscape, like much of our seas today, or an abundance of life, our legacy to the future."  Which do we want for our childrens' future and their childrens' future?

Seems like a no brainer.