Hurricane Michael

by Bill Davis

Earlier today Hurricane Michael crashed into the Florida Panhandle and is leaving a wake of destruction in its path as one of the strongest hurricanes to ever come ashore.  This gallery of images details the damage this storm has and is causing. Currently Michael is passing through central Georgia and has been downgraded to a tropical storm, but is still leaving a trail of carnage in it's wake.  

And besides Florida, Michael is going to continue to soak the already waterlogged Carolinas to further aggravate their situation delivered by Hurricane Florence roughly a month ago.  The 2018 hurricane season was initially predicted to be about or slightly above average, but with two category 4 hurricanes making landfall the costs appear they are going to exceed expectations, possibly significantly.

10.11.18 @ 9:02 am est: now that Michael has moved up to the Carolinas and it's daylight again, the full extent of the damage to the Florida Panhandle is apparent and it's substantial

10.12.18 @ 9:47 am est: the impact of Hurricane Michael is now becoming much more apparent and unfortunately it's all too clear this has been a horrific event for much of the southeastern part of the country