World Water Day

by Bill Davis

This Sunday, March 22nd, is World Water Day which celebrates water and raises awareness of the ~2.2 billion people, out of ~7.8 billion worldwide, or 25%+, living without access to safe water. The United Nations initiated World Water Day in 1993 to bring attention to the importance of fresh water and here we are 25+ years later with so much more to learn with water still being referred to as the "least understood material on earth".

One source for learning more is Blue Mind by Dr. Wallace J. Nichols which delves into the science behind why we like being in / around water and the associated health benefits.  Given the precarious set of circumstances we find ourselves in today with COVID-19, maybe this weekend getting out to a local lake, pond, river or the ocean for a walk and some fresh air will be productive and help folks relax.  Not suggesting anyone take any unnecessary risks, keep some distance from people you don't know, but would suspect a leisurely walk near water this weekend will be beneficial.