Labor Day Weekend (aka Farewell to Summer)

by Bill Davis

As we approach Labor Day weekend, often viewed as the "unofficial end of summer", we hope people have had a great summer of beach going and will continue beyond this weekend.  While summer does eventually end for many of us, there are those who are lucky enough to be able to enjoy the beach year round in shorts and flip flops so not suggesting that beach trips are over, we'll just have to adjust how we dress.  But I digress.

To wish everyone a great Labor Day weekend and good times in the sand and surf, here are some suggestions for beach trips to take.  And for those of you who aren't going to make it to the beach this weekend, there's still plenty of time in September and October before fall starts creeping in.  I myself will be on the Oregon coast visiting both Pacific City and Manzanita so will be enjoying some boogie boarding, eating burritos, ice cream, tacos and indulging in a cold beverage or two.

I hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend as much as I plan to enjoy mine.