Earth Day 2022 + other stuff

by Bill Davis

So here we are at Earth Day 2022 where the theme is invest in the planet.  I have to be honest, I think the tag line is overly optimistic as we, humans, as a species, don't seem to grok the damage we are doing to the earth.  Silly humans.  Really, because we don't seem to understand we live on a blue planet.

We are trashing the planet at an alarming rate, but the powers that be tell us not to be overly concerned.  Wrong.  I wish I knew a better way to communicate this, but for the most part we, humans, are in serious denial and that seems especially true for our so called leaders.  The ocean is ~70% of the planet and it's warming at an alarming rate.  Enough said.

Now, for the brief interlude of comedy, this week is the 40th anniversary of the Conch Republic.  If you haven't been to Key West, get there before it's no longer the gem it's been because, unfortunately, it's declining every year. Humans need to wake up to the reality that we have a footprint that in many cases is detrimental to the places we enjoy.  And this is supposed to be the humorous part of the post.  Sheesh.

Here is where we start to take a more positive approach to the damage we are doing and that is thanks to a company,  Algenesis.  I just recently bought / overpaid for a version of their Blueview slip ons (it's the initial offering so semi understand why they are charging the way they are, but still...).  Super comfortable and can't wait til the weather warms up enough that I can wear them regularly.  My initial impression is they could eventually replace my Vans and I am ok with that if they keep advancing their biodegradable footprint.  Tbd, but I am optimistic.

Started somewhat disillusioned, but as the post progresses I gain hope.  So as not to regret that, I am highlighting Patagonia and it's business model as in 2021 the company was voted the most reputable company in the US.  Patagonia's business model of investing 1% of revenue back into environmental organizations is now available for other companies to adopt through 1% for the Planet.  It's why is a corporate member of 1% for the Planet and works to protect our beaches, ocean, lakes, ponds, rivers and streams one baja hoodie / baja jacket / drug rug at a time.