Spring Break 2023

by Bill Davis

WooHoo, time for Spring Break 2023!  After the last 3 years, I would expect people are looking forward to a relaxing week somewhere, but here we're going to focus solely on beaches here in the US, for obvious reasons.  For many folks, a trek to warmer weather and the beach is a must as winter has been rolling along for 3 or more months now so a break is welcome.  This is a merely a quick drive by as don't have the time or space to get into great detail.

Having grown up in the northeast, our go to was always Florida in college.  Back in the 80s we went to Fort Lauderdale (aka Fort Liquordale) which has a long history with spring break as does Daytona BeachPanama City, used to visit my grandfather there, is a relative newcomer on the spring break scene having emerged in the 90s, but it's caught up in a hurry.

We highlight these three locations so if people are looking for something calmer, say you are taking the family down, we'd recommend you look somewhere else such as Clearwater / St. Petersburg, Tampa's nearby, Jacksonville and St. Augustine or The Palm Beaches.  Florida has it all for spring break, but the cherry on top, as always, is Key West.  Not overlooking Miami as fun can always be had, but worth understanding some of the challenges facing Miami due to climate change induced sea level rise.

Other possible destinations in the warmth of the southeast include Virginia Beach, VA, The Outer Banks in NC, Myrtle Beach, Charleston and Hilton Head, SC, Savannah, GA and Gulf Shores & Orange Beach, AL.  Of these, Myrtle Beach is the closest to the FL big 3 so if looking for something mellower, you might want to steer clear.  That being said, we highly recommend you do some research to find the best destination for you and your travel companions.

If you are looking for something warm, but not in the southeast, let's start with Texas and move west.  By most accounts, South Padre Island, TX is similar to the FL hot spots.  Galveston and Corpus Christi, TX are a couple of lower key options worth evaluating. As we continue our journey west, the next stop is Lake Havasu, AZ which by most accounts rivals South Padre Island and the FL big 3.  That being said, as Lake Havasu is fed by the Colorado River, it's going to be challenging to predict Laka Havasu's future as a spring break destination.

Now we're out to the west coast, where we are based, but will have to give the nod to the east coast as the preferred spring break destination for the majority of the country.  Sounds like San Diego, CA is the big west coast spring break spot, but Los Angeles gets some spring breakers as well. That being said, neither rivals it's east coast peers in terms of the energy level. 

Would suspect the California coast offers numerous places for a relaxing stay, just like Florida, and one last mention is Shasta Lake as it's a popular destination for college students from Oregon.  And as we are based in Oregon, here's a shameless plug for Newport, OR as a great place to visit.

And as you prep for your trip, feel free to shop BeachNecessities.com for some beach necessities like footwear, baja hoodies / jackets, suncare, etc. to enjoy your trip.  Happy spring breaking!